Why Kosher?

Eating Kosher is a better, healthier way to live.

For example, Jewish Dietary Law (what makes something “Kosher”) forbids the mixing or consumption of meat and dairy together.  Modern research has shown that the human body cannot digest meat and dairy products together nearly as efficiently as it can when it these food groups are consumed separately. As such, the food remains unprocessed in your body longer which can lead to higher levels of cholesterol and increased risk of other health-related problems occurring more and more commonly in recent times.

Certified Kosher meat and poultry also boast many health benefits over their non-Kosher counterparts:

USDA inspection only
 Post-processing/random inspection only
Diseased organs discarded and “good” meat used
Processing is driven by output needed (supply-demand)

 USDA AND Kosher certification/supervision
 Around-the-clock supervision and inspection
for adherence to centuries-old, proven standards
 Animals with defects or diseased organs are forbidden to be used and therefore discarded/used for other purposes
 Processing is limited and governed by exacting standards of Jewish Law, NOT by demand

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